Our Story

Kath and Zoe

This is our story. One day a catch up cuppa changed everything…

Many years ago we met through our daughters and soon realised that we were kindred spirits. We are different in many ways, but our skill and outlook on life are very similar.

Let’s go back a bit – through my work interior design, I have helped several clients move home. This included moving on elderly couple from London to Scotland while project managing their new home renovation. Seeing how I helped to make this move stress free for them, I realised that this was a skill that I wanted to expand into a business. I decided to explore offering this service to friends, family and clients.

Meanwhile Kath had been honing her own decluttering and organisation skills. Raising 2 children whilst supporting her partners own business she has been researching ideas for starting a venture for herself. In late 2019, Kath helped a friend move home and realised how much she loved organising the move, in direct contract to how stressful her friend found it. It was a lightbulb moment!

Kath and Zoe

So, back to that cuppa…

Unaware that we were both forming an almost identical new business idea, we arranged to meet up for a cuppa. Both of us were excited to talk through our insights about the organisation of moving.

Kath went first and as she spoke, I realised we were thinking along the same lines – move management and helping solve all those problems and stresses associated with moving.

We had worked together on several projects before so knew we worked really well as a team. We realised that we could take that leap and bring together our very different yet complimentary skills as one company.

We decided to just do it and in January 2020, All About The Move was formed. Our philosophy was simple – to make moving home stress free.

Zoë and Kath