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Estate Agents

Our primary objective is twofold here – to optimise your client’s sale price, while helping you exceed their expectations and go the extra mile. In doing so, we have a complete, end-to-end process in place that works extremely well.

Using years of industry knowledge and expertise, we start by viewing the property from the eyes of the buyer. First, we streamline the client’s belongings, packing and storing any items that may act as visual turnoffs, and neutralising the contents. We make sure storage spaces are empty and packed, creating the space that buyers are looking for. Our hands-on approach is especially useful for when clients are abroad.

We then tackle any repairs and fix potential barriers to sale, refreshing décor, conducting a deep clean of the property, and staging it for maximum effect. Our goal throughout this whole process is to pull together the absolute best features the property has to offer and maximise its value.

All of this is planned and executed with a fast turnaround in mind, potentially turning months on the market into weeks.

For an example of how we dramatically increased an initial valuation and promoted a fast sale, please see our recent case study.

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Legal Executors

As well as optimising the sale price as above, we offer an array of benefits aimed at minimising the work of legal teams, while delivering an exceptional service to your clients.

Acting as a liaison between yourselves and the client, we deal with all the practicalities. We start by using digital systems to provide detailed inventories and clear descriptions of all assets, itemised, and photographed for use during the confirmation process. We can liaise with auction houses and arrange the sale of any high value items, (or transportation of such, if being sold separately) increasing the chances of early success at auction. We’ll then oversee a complete deep clean of the property, all while ensuring minimal disruption to the legal process.

Most importantly, and as one of our core values, we take full responsibility for liaising sensitively with the family during this time, helping them with the house clearance. We know this is often an extremely emotional process. Our mission upon creating All About the Move was to make people’s lives easier, and everything we do has that foremost in mind.

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Senior Support Services

We offer a specialist service shown to be particularly helpful for older or more vulnerable individuals who seek extra support.

When it comes to moving home or downsizing, many people simply do not feel confident enough to tackle this process alone, and supportive family members often require an experienced set of hands to assist their relatives in relocating.

As an advocate for your patient, supporting their general care and wellbeing, we understand that the limitations of what you can offer presents a challenge. You may not be able to physically step in and take away the stress from your patients’ lives when it comes to moving home. But we can!

We can liaise with your patients and their families, provide practical solutions for an all-in-one service, and hands-on assistance that allows them full control over moving home. Too many people feel stuck and unable to cope with moving. It shouldn’t be like this.

We genuinely believe in a gentle, sympathetic approach, without rush or pressure. It’s paramount to what we do.

For more details on how this works in action, please see our recent case study.

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Corporate Relocations

Whether on temporary assignment or a more permanent move, we provide bespoke, end-to-end packages for any type of relocation. We know that your goal is to ensure your employees and their families are happy and well-adjusted in their move, and it’s our job to make that happen.

We are extremely well-connected in Glasgow, with extensive insider knowledge regarding properties, desirable living areas, schools, and amenities. We also have established ties to local companies and tradespeople, allowing us to provide a complete all-in-one service.

We can source and secure a suitable property, providing filmed viewings that show every nook and cranny of a potential new home, as well as advice on any improvements. If any renovation or design requirements are needed, we can take care of that. After a property is selected, we’ll scope out local schools if the family is coming, and provide a full low-down on the neighbourhood and surrounding area. As moving day approaches, we’ll handle the pack and unpack of both properties (if UK based) and make sure your employee settles in and gets to work as soon as comfortably possible.

All About the Move takes a uniquely personal approach to employee relocations. We don’t believe a one-size-fits-all system really works, which is why our packages are tailored to the specific needs of your employee.

Glasgow is a wonderful and vibrant city with a great quality of life, and we’ll show exactly why that is.

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AirBnB/Holiday Homes

Our home staging works incredibly well for holiday homes. When the world turned digital almost overnight in 2020, this became more important than ever.

With holiday home staging, the goal is to present an idea; of fun, comfort, and escape.

So, how do you stage your home in a way that’s on trend yet timeless? How do you appeal to all types of guests, ensuring you’re consistently booked? And how do you stand out from the competition online? By staging it!

Here’s what we can do:

  • We’ll convert your rooms to maximise the number of guests able to stay. You’re going to see a surge in larger groups this year as people make up for lost time with friends and loved ones. Get prepared to accommodate!
  • We’ll organise practical solutions for storage. This is key. When people realise that they have ample space for their things, they’ll be more comfortable, and far more likely to re-book.
  • We’ll source and supply the correct quantities of bedroom, kitchen, and dining equipment.
  • We’ll showcase your rooms and contents to help online viewers imagine how they might live in your home, even if it’s just for one night.
  • Finally, we’ll make your home something you’ll want to post on Instagram time and time again. And you should – because that’s where your guests will go to sneak a peek inside your home.

Want to find out more about investing in our tailored, holiday home staging packages? Then get in touch!