Move Management

Kath and Zoe boxing up belongings for move management

Have you ever wished you could just click your fingers, and have everything taken care of for you?

We’ve all wanted this at some point or another, especially when it comes to something as arduous and overwhelming as moving home. Because, despite all your good intentions, even planning everything right down to the last box and label, things don’t always go quite as expected when moving home…

“The lush new sofa you bought for the new living room doesn’t fit through the front door.”

“You’ve packed too many things and now you’re having to pay extra to the removals team to make more trips.”

It’s really no wonder moving to a new house is one of the most stressful life experiences a person can go through. So, what if you could hire a team of trusted experts to take away all of that stress and disruption so that you could sit back, relax and get excited about your move instead? 

But that’s not all. Imagine if that same team made it possible for you to get the optimal sale price for your home, securing your financial future at the same time?

Well, at All About the Move, that’s exactly what we do. And we love every single part of it.

But what does a full service move management company actually do?

Well, quite a lot, as it happens.

A Full Declutter

First off, let's get your contents sorted out. We'll declutter your belongings and arrange all of your things so that you only take with you those items you really love or need. It frees up space so that viewers can truly see your home's potential. And trust me, once you start living without the chaos, you'll never return to it.

Home Staging

This part is key, which is why we have a whole page dedicated to it. We'll get to work making your key rooms look truly amazing, optimising for the best possible sale price. We'll create more space, more light, and neutralise the interiors, making it much more attractive to any buyers. You'll get great tips and ideas for your next home, too!


What, when and how are the questions we always ask when doing a pack for our clients. We're exceptionally good at what we do, and we'll have you fully ready to go when it comes to move day.

Move Day

Today's the day! We'll book and manage the removals firm, organise the care of your pets and use our cleaners to deep clean both properties. Remember that part about you clicking your fingers and us doing everything? We weren't kidding. Oh, and we're not the kind of company that says we're just a phone call away, either. We'll be right there with you, in your home, overseeing the whole operation. You can stay and watch it all unfold, or you can take off to the nearest café with a good book. We'll give you a shout when we're done!


Things are starting to take shape! But there's still lots to do and a sea of boxes to deal with. Don't worry, we're not planning to leave you with it all. We prefer to stay and help get you fully unpacked and organised. We also have a team of skilled tradespeople who love nothing more than making sure everything works perfectly for you. Within 24 hours of moving, you'll be relaxing on the sofa with a cup of tea and a fully ticked off to-do list. Or coffee. Maybe wine? You do you!

Sounds good?
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